Hammarsdale Junction Super Spar

Booysens Refrigeration (Pty) Ltd were the preferred supplier and installer of a High Efficiency Refrigeration Plant together with all Cold / Freezer Rooms at the new Hammarsdale Junction Super Spar. Booysens Refrigeration who has over 30 years industry experience in specialized supermarket refrigeration and cold /freezer room panelling, designed and installed this plant with a record time of 4 weeks for the refrigeration plant. This project had extremely tight time constraints do to late beneficial occupation but Booysens managed to pull this project off perfectly with our experienced team of technicians and installation crew.

The job consisted of the installation of a high efficiency refrigeration system designed to accommodate the ever increasing power availability issues and electrical billing. Specialized electronic valves were installed to regulate and stabilize power consumption requirements. Along with advanced plant monitoring systems the Client will be able to reduce electrical consumption and monitor savings.

Aiding the electrical usage savings is the installation of a hot water recovery system. This system utilizes the heat energy created by the refrigeration plant in order to heat the hot water for the supermarket.
A multiplex system was selected for this application with invertor drive compressors. A total of 3 Multiplex Racks individually coupled up to Air-cooled Condensors. This complete system was installed within 4 weeks from occupation, which would normally take in the region of three months. A large crew of senior experienced staff together with assistants were allocated to this project in order to reach the set deadlines.

The cold / freezer room panelling installation was expertly carried out by our team who has 25 years experience, to the SuperSpar and for the Topps Bottle Store. The Topps Bottle Store included the installation of a Storage Cold Room with automated bi-paring doors, an Ice Freezer Room and 13 Glass Door Cold Room. The supermarket panelling installation scope of works included General Cold / Freezer Rooms, Air-lock Rooms, Kitchen Cold / Freezer Rooms, Bakery Cold Room, Butchery Cold / Freezer Rooms and the Butchery Prep Area. One of the unique features of the SuperSpar is the Butchery Cold room which as specialized viewing windows and meat rails. A 12 Glass Door Cold Room for Minerals was installed in the SuperSpar.
Additional checker plating has been installed externally to the cold / freezer rooms as additional protection from forklift and packing damage. Booysens Refrigeration (Pty) Ltd carry out turn-key project solutions incorporating Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Extraction, Hot-Water Recovery Systems, Specialized Panelling Installations and Ammonia Refrigeration. We specialize in both new projects as well as revamp projects in assisting clients upgrade to energy efficient systems. Our Client base ranges from abattoirs, dairies, process plants, supermarkets and manufacturing plants.

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