Air-conditioning & Ventilation Installation

In order to obtain the optimum store temperature, 1 (one) megawatt of cooling was required. This was achieved through a specially designed and engineered chilled water system. The plant comprises two water cooled screw chillers, coupled up to two cooling towers with all associated pump-sets, chilled water air-handling units, controls, piping, grilles, electronics etc. An additional fresh-air make up system was introduced for fresh-air into the 9000m2 trading area.

Air-conditioning & Ventilation

A unique walkway system was created at high level across the shop floor in order to house the air-handling units, then coupled up to a duct network to extend through the 100m store length. The main entrance and exit areas are fitted with specialized air-curtains in order to retain the in-store air-conditioned ambient.


The refrigeration requirements were in excess of 500kW of cooling for the cold and freezer applications, serving over 104 applications. Five Multiplex Racks with semi-hermetic compressors, coupled to Three Condensers. The refrigeration system was fitted with sophisticated electronic monitoring systems, in order to ensure consistent temperatures throughout for ultimate freshness and longevity of product.


As this was an existing trading store, Booysens carried out this installation with cost savings in mind, to incorporate utilizing the existing refrigeration equipment where possible. This consisted of the decommissioning and removing, relocating and reinstallation of equipment, all whilst the store continued regular trading.

Hot Water System

In keeping with the theme of energy efficient systems, and utilizing resources available, a hot water recovery system was introduced. The hot water system utilizes and captures the energy and heat generated from the refrigeration equipment in order heat water, stored in a storage tank located in the plant room. This hot water is then circulated around the supermarket in a ring main system in order to provide hot water to all points required in the store prep areas.

Cold & Freezer Room Panelling

Our dedicated expert team of panel installers completed this complex project of working in an existing store and erecting new panelling through careful project planning with the builders and other project participants. The scope of works included dismantling and removing existing cold and freezer rooms, relocating and installation new cold and freezer rooms.

The freezer room panelling installation consisted of a 19 Glass door Freezer, Butchery Freezer, Ice-cream freezer room, Bakery freezer room and kitchen freezer room.

The cold room panelling installation consisted of a dairy cold room with automatic bi-parting glass doors and glass front façade, as located on the shop floors for shoppers to enter, a bakery and butchery cold room, dairy and produce cold room, dairy receving cold room, 32 glass door beverage chiller with glass doors, kitchen cold room, 2-off deli cold rooms and confectionary cold room.


Capture jet energy effecticient extraction systems with make-up air systems were installed to the bakery area, kitchen / deli area, front of house food prep and doughnut fryer. These extraction systems are made of stainless steel and are specially designed for energy efficiency.

Working in an already trading store has it challenges in terms of project scheduling and shift works within a tight project deadline. Booysens Refrigeration successfully completed this project within the given time frames and parameters.

The entire internal installation of air-conditioning & refrigeration piping, cables, duct-work, cable trays, drip trays is exposed therefore was carried out with precision neatness and asthetics in mind to match the architects vision.

Some speciality applications were designed and engineered by our Managing Director, Mr John Costello. These included a granite pizza slab fitted with a cooling coil, in order to cool freshly made pizza’s. Another standout feature is the fish area and fish slab, where fresh fish is kept on ice and sold daily.

The Save Group continues to grow and expand and we having subsequently completed another 4 supermarkets for the Save Group as well as distribution centre.

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